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At Stronghold Construction, we are a veteran owned construction company that specializes in commercial and home remodeling for properties in Oklahoma City. A home remodeling project is undoubtedly one of the most time consuming processes, which is why our commercial remodeling service in Oklahoma City makes sure to maintain communication throughout each phase and that each project is done quickly, efficiently, and according to your vision. From reinventing your existing interior and exterior to making your space more functional and appealing, our home remodeling service in Oklahoma City believes in collaborating to bring your ideas to life.

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With nearly two decades of experience and immense construction insight, our home remodeling service in Oklahoma City is truly one of the best solutions for fulfilling your bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom remodeling needs. From making your kitchen more functional, your bathroom more spacious, your closet more accessible, and your warehouse a safer space, to knocking down walls to bring in more natural light, our commercial remodeling service in Oklahoma City can reliably renovate spaces within your set budget and timeline. To leverage the use of our experienced team of architects, engineers, electrical, and plumbing experts, consult us in Oklahoma City today!

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Do You Want to Renovate Your Kitchen in Oklahoma City?

A kitchen remodeling project can make your space more accessible and functional. This makes your kitchen energy efficient, comfortable and ultimately boosts your property value. At Stronghold Construction, our home remodeling service in Oklahoma City is distinguished for its ability to give you expert remodeling advice and options that meet your budget and goals. From adding additional cabinets, installing countertops with attractive finishes, making the floorplan more spacious, utilizing vacant space as storage, and adding a tile backsplash to improving the aesthetic appeal of the entire space, our home remodeling service in Oklahoma City easily handle kitchen remodeling.

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Get Your Bathroom Remodeled by Our Home Remodeling Service in Oklahoma City

Most homeowners in Oklahoma City tend to put off bathroom remodeling due to the stress, costs, and planning involved. With our home remodeling service by your side, you won’t have to worry about anything, as we expertly handle the project from start to finish and improve your bathroom’s functionality. From redoing the bathroom flooring, upgrading the walls, installing new sinks and fixtures, and enhancing the lighting to making the space more spacious and safer, we can transform the look and appeal of your dull looking bathroom through quality workmanship.


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Hire Our Commercial Remodeling Service in Oklahoma City for Building New Additions

Has your family or business needs outgrown your space in Oklahoma City? If so, you can resolve your space with commercial remodeling without having to move out of your property. With years of construction experience, honesty, and the ability to anticipate unforeseen issues guiding our way, we can transform your restaurant, office building, home, medical center, or warehouse by building additions that add value, comfort, and functionality to your space. Home remodeling can greatly impact your daily living and business operations, from handling a conventional home addition, room addition, or sunroom addition, to bumping out your kitchen.

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Stronghold Construction veteran owned construction, remodeling, and roofing company for commercial and residential properties in Oklahoma City. With nearly two decades of experience, we can reliably construct custom properties, install, repair, replace roofing systems, and remodel properties. A one stop solution for improving your property value and visual appeal, our construction company can transform your property by finishing the project efficiently and cost effectively. So, call and book a consultation with us for your property’s project or to handle related insurance claims.

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