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Norman Transit Center Grand Unveiling: A New Era in Transportation and Community Connectivity

Norman, OK - Norman Transit Center Revitalization

NORMAN, 10/12/2023 - Taking another significant step towards urban development and infrastructural enhancement, the city of Norman, in collaboration with Stronghold Construction, celebrated the inauguration of the Norman Transit Center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 320 E. Comanche St. this Thursday.

The newly renovated transit center boasts modern facilities, including indoor and outdoor waiting areas, public restrooms, a dedicated breakroom for staff, a water bottle filling station, a water fountain, staff kitchenet & vending machines. Taylor Johnson, the city's transit and parking manager, underscored the importance of this establishment by stating, “This is the first-ever dedicated Norman transit center, offering a haven for passengers and staff against both summer heat and winter cold.”

Darrel Pyle, the city manager, shared a nostalgic anecdote about how the former Chase Bank building, now transformed into the transit center, came into the city's vision. The idea was sparked during a walk with Ward 7 Councilmember Stephen Tyler Holman down the Porter corridor. “Who would've thought that this overlooked building would become such an essential part of our city's transportation infrastructure?” Pyle mused.

This new transit hub is set to replace the previous transfer station on Brooks Street. Councilmember Holman highlighted the limitations of the older station, particularly the prohibitive cost of simple amenities like a water fountain.

With the intention of streamlining and improving public transit, the city will introduce a reformed transit service from October 16th. The redesigned route ensures quicker stops, cutting down waiting times, in contrast to the previous single loop process. This significant change encompasses the addition of 59 new bus stops while retiring 51 older ones.

Expressing the collective sentiment and pride, Johnson said, “Being part of this transformation has been incredibly fulfilling. Today marks a milestone I've eagerly anticipated.”

(Left) Darrel Pyle

City Manager - City of Norman

(Right) Taylor Johnson

Transit & Parking Manger - City of Norman

Stronghold's Contribution to the Norman Transit Center

Stronghold Construction would like to express profound gratitude for the opportunity to play a pivotal role in the development of the Norman Transit Center, furthering the advancement of community infrastructure within the city of Norman. Spanning from April 2023 to October 12th, the project was not only about building a revitalized transit center but also rejuvenating a piece of Norman’s history – the former Chase bank, which hadn't seen significant updates since the late 1980s to early 1990s.

The intricacies of construction and refurbishment demanded meticulous planning and execution. Major improvements, as visible today, encompass contemporary indoor and outdoor waiting areas, top-notch facilities for passengers and staff, and a holistic transformation of the previous Chase bank structure.

A special thanks and congratulations goes out to our dedicated project team:

  • Senior Superintendent: Kenneth Becknel

  • Project Manager: Kathryn Menefee

  • Assistant Superintendent: Casey Lofton

We deeply value the time, thought, and effort that our project team has devoted, often going above and beyond. It is their dedication and passion that have breathed life into this vision, making the Norman Transit Center a reality.

Key Parties Involved

  • Project Owner: The City of Norman (Department of Public Transportation)

  • Project Consulting: Nelson/Nygaard Consulting

  • Architect: The McKinney Partnership Architects

  • Builder: Stronghold Construction

For further details about the Norman Transit Center and the forthcoming changes to the bus routes, please refer to the city’s official website.

Design Renderings:

- The McKinny Partnership Architects

Additional Photos:

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